Dunlop Acifort Rubber Boots

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Heavy-duty protective boot for demanding agricultural work

Resistant to minerals, greases, manure and disinfectants
Excellent adhesion thanks to an oil resistant sole
Additional ankle support for optimal protection
The O4 classification is the second most stringent category for professional footwear. The boots feature slip resistance, antistatic properties and energy absorption at the heel. They are tested and certified according to EN ISO 20347: 2012.

SEGMENT                                           AGRICULTURE
UPPER BOOT                                       MATIÈREACIFORT®
SOLE                                                  MATERIALACIFORT®
ROD BOOT                                          GREEN COLOR
COLOR SOLE                                       BLACK
SIZES: 7a13
SAFETY STANDARD:                             ISO 20347: 2012 O4 FO SRA
THERMAL INSULATION:                        (° C) 0
THERMAL INSULATION:                        (° F) 0
TYPE OF SOLE::                                   NONE
SOLE::                                                ANTI-SLIP SRA
SOIL RESISTANT TO OILS:                    YES
ABSORPTION OF ENERGY:                     YES
ANTI-CUT:                                            NO


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