Shipping and Returns Policy

Transportation costs
Transport costs are calculated according to the distance, the actual/volumetric weight of the items ordered and the transport service chosen. Fees are calculated in real time in the cart. PO Box Fees may be billed separately.

(If the Promotion is activated) Free delivery on orders of $150 (Canada United States)
This offer only applies to online orders delivered to Canada and the United States by Parcel Standard. Orders must meet the weight and dimension standards established by Canada Post. Oversized items or certain remote areas may have shipping costs (non-standard transportation) Surplus D'Armée Général reserves the right to recalculate shipping costs if this would prove necessary with the customer and or to reimburse and cancel the order.

(If the 150.00 and more 10% Promotion is activated) It applies to all Canada-United States orders. This offer only applies to online orders delivered to Canada and the United States by Parcel Standard. For the reimbursement of a product if your invoice falls below 150.00, the total 10% will be deducted from the total invoice before your reimbursement of the product in question. The 10% Promotion does not apply to the mode (Proceed to Store)

Deliveries to Canada
Orders are shipped by Expedited Parcel or Standard. All orders are insured against damage or loss by Canada Post. Depending on the destination of the package, applicable provincial and federal taxes will be charged when processing the order. Sales taxes charged depend on the destination of the order, that is, where the order will be delivered. Delivery time is generally 3 to 8 days in expedited parcels.

International Deliveries
All international orders are shipped by airmail. They are not subject to Canadian taxes. However, as all orders pass through customs, they are subject to import customs duties, foreign taxes and customs administration fees. Recipients are responsible for paying these additional fees, duties and taxes. Delivery time, depending on its destination, is between 5 and 12 days.

Order in store
You can purchase on the Website and pick up your items yourself in store. To do this, simply choose the option (Go to store) in the delivery method if the option is Enabled. Some Promotions May Disable It.

Delivery restrictions may apply to certain products and destinations.

Merchandise return

No refund on new merchandise under certain conditions see condition. Exchange only.
All delivery costs, purchase returns and returns of merchandise are at the customer's expense.
Transport costs will be charged to you for free transport if there is a refund and or 10% will be deducted if the promotion is applied
The item must not have been worn, used, damaged or washed. It must be clean, odorless and free of animal hair.
The item is still in its original packaging and the tags are still attached.
For more information, please contact us at 1-877-50 ARMEE (2-7633) [email protected]