Waterproof Cofra Boots Insulated Thermic PVC

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INTERIOR LINING: anti-abrasion polyester

UPPER: COLD DEFENDER PU resistente at -25 ° C / -13 ° F

INTERMEDIATE LAYER: COLD DEFENDER PU resistant to -25 ° C / -13 ° F

OUTSOLE: Nitrile rubber resistant to +300 ° C / + 572 ° F for contact (1 minute) and at low temperatures to -25 ° C / -13 ° F

SOLE OF CLEAN: COLD BARRIER, anatomical, perfumed, insulating against low temperatures. The thermal comfort inside the shoe is guaranteed by a special polyurethane blend that provides insulation against the cold. Coated with fleece

TIP: non metallic TOP RETURN

ANTI-PERFORATION SOLE: non metallic APT PLATE - Zero Perforation with high electrical resistance

PLUS: spur for easy retrieval, MT / 75 - metatarsal protection

PERFORMANCE AND MORE TECHNICAL: 100% Amagnetic, high slip resistance, Made in Italy, insulation against cold, MT metatarsal protection

FIELD OF USE: boots for forestry and agriculture

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