Polypropylene socks 2x 98% J.B FIELD'S

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• 98% Polypropylene, 2% Spandex
• Dries In Less Than 8 Hours!
• Polypropylene- Provides the most effective insulation, highly breathable, and is an optimal temperature regulator
• ProtectGuard® Anti-Soil - Protection that inhibits staining associated with dirt and sweat

The J.B. Field's Expedition Adventure Travel Socks are a lightweight fast drying sock designed to keep your feet dry, warm and blister free. Two pairs are all you need to travel the world - wash them in a sink in the evening, wring in a towel, and they`ll be dry for morning. Ultra-Light Specific Weight- Non bulk construction promotes a better fit, invisible toe seams for added comfort, and provides protection against blisters by reducing friction

Also ideal for outdoor activities such as hockey, skiing, camping, hiking, backpacking and can be used as a liner.

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