J.Audet Shoe Wax Protector

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Water repellent wax for all leathers.

Our product PREMIUM, quality first and natural.

Long-lasting protection against rain, snow, salt and mud.

Use on all leather products including: Work boots J Audet jr - Cross-country ski boot - Hunting boots - Gloves - Clothing - etc.


How to use



To start, if your shoe is not new, lightly clean the leather with a cotton cloth soaked in water.
Subsequently, or if your shoe is new, applied in circular motions the boot guard with a cotton cloth or sponge.
Once extended use a hair dryer or heat gun (Heat Gun) to penetrate the product into the skin parts of the leather.

This protector feeds the leather to preserve it well.

Bring good leather care

Leather is a living material that does not support all types of treatment. It is therefore necessary to learn how to treat it well with the BootGuard J Audet jr, so that it accompanies you for years. It is therefore very important to provide some care because a good care of the leather will optimize its life.

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