Ball Paint Paintball GI Sportz 2 Star 2000 CS

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2-STAR paintballs contains OIL-FREE ECOFILL™ Environment-Friendly Formulation. This unique formulation offers a faster complete biodegradability that is neither toxic nor polluting to the environment attaining a new level in easy-clean and non-staining renewability. Protection for your playing field and your equipment.

A high quality ball aimed at Rec, Scenerio, and Competition players and events. Made with flat two toned shells and a heavier fill to ensure maximum range and penetration of foliage.

More information

• The scenario player’s choice worldwide

• High quality ball for recreational, training and field use

• Dual bright color shell for use in all markers

• Increased accuracy and brittleness

• Bright easy-to-clean environment friendly ECO-FILLTM industry leading formulation

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