Axe Throwing Tactical Utility M-Tech Survival

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  • Easily portable tactical axe great for camping and rugged outdoor expeditions
  • 6.5-inch axe head with a 3.5mm to 4mm thick cutting edge; stainless steel
  • Cord-wrapped handle provides superior grip, plus handy cording when needed in a pinch
  • Includes lanyard cord
  • 17.5-inch overall length
The Mtech Usa Camping Axe (Model Mt-Axe14) Features Black Stainless Steel Construction And A Black Cord Wrapped Handle, With A 17.5-Inch Overall Length. This Tactical Axe Has A 6.5-Inch Axe Head With A 3.5Mm To 4Mm Thick Cutting Edge. The One-Piece, Black-Coated Stainless Steel Construction Is Complemented By A Cord-Wrapped Handle, Which Provides A Superior Grip In Even The Wettest Of Conditions While Also Providing Easily Unwrapped Cordage When Needed In A Pinch.
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