Aquatabs Water Purification Tablet

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1 tablet treats 1 Liters Use for camping, hiking and trekking, international travel, outdoor sports and emergency preparedness, travel abroad,
Fast acting: ready in just 30 minutes, tasteless and odorless. User manual in English and French included.
Certified and Safe: Iodine Free, NSF Certified, Halal Certified, EPA Approved, Safe for Children and Pregnant Women.
Where do you need safe drinking water? Use to make water safe for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking and washing fruits and vegetables.Compact and easy to use packaging: Individually wrapped in a film, which makes them extremely compact, light, stable and easy to use
Effective against Giardia, fecal coliforms, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases including hepatitis A and E and salmonella
Iodine-free and safe for pregnant women, long-term use, and people with iodine allergies
No unpleasant color, smell or taste
Very compact and individually wrapped
Pack of 50 tablets

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