Altimate Snowmobile Winter Boot -100 °C / -148 °F

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-Arctic Wolf snowmobile boots.

-Proven for heat in the Canadian Arctic!

-The most technically advanced boot, backed by 25 years of Altimate technology proven in Canadian winters.

  • Size: Male
  • Ladies, order one size down
  • Comfort rated at -100°c -118°f
  • 1 pair = 2.4 lbs or 1.2 lbs per foot!

-Our new Polar® waterproof outsole is made from lightweight, durable microcellular foam and has air pocket neutralizing properties.

-The upper is made from premium water-resistant textile fabric.

-The liner is a multi-laminate liner designed and proven to wick moisture away from the foot and keep you warm in the harshest conditions.

-Between the outsole and inner lining you will find a perforated Eva waffle midsole. This not only adds comfort to the pad but also acts as a moisture management device to keep you warm and dry.

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