Premium Maritime Helmet Tactical Black

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The Maritime style of high cut helmet is lightweight, equipped with comfortable foam padding. The real ballistic product has been made popular by modern special operations team throughout the world. This airsoft version is visually identical to the real deal, but is made of even more lightweight plastic instead of ballistic material, making it ideal to both protect your head against BB impacts while also offering a versatile piece of gear on which to mount any number of accessories thanks to its modular construction: anything from helmet light to camera. Furthermore, its authentic appearance is also a great asset if you are just looking for a piece of cosplay equipment.

  • Manufactured by Krousis
  • High cut helmet based on the Opscore Maritime series of helmet
  • Complete with ARC rails, ARC rails goggle clips, helmet shroud and velcro allowing to mount a variety of accessories
  • Premium helmet padding included
  • Made of quality lightweight polymer
  • Large/X-Large size


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